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Natural Ears

Should I Crop My Puppy?

The purpose of this page is to provide information and examples of KRW Danes left uncropped. 

The decision to crop or not to crop is a personal and/or philosophical decision.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question. 

The puppy owners do have to ask themselves a couple of questions before deciding which choice to make. 

  How much time am I willing to put into ear taping and aftercare?  Sometimes ear taping can   last up to 12 months or more.
  Do I have a local vet experienced in the care of cropped ears should I have trouble taping them myself?

Cropped ears are a commitment and there is nothing less attractive than a cropped Dane left untaped. 

Are there Health Reasons for Cropping or Not Cropping? 

The answer is No.  Most ear issues are directly related to systemic yeast infections.  These systemic yeast infections are caused by poor diets and the over use of antibiotics. 

Can I Crop after I Purchase My Puppy from KRW Danes? 

The answer is NO.  There are very few vets experienced in this procedure.  Cropping is not only a surgery but also an ART form.  To ensure that your Danes ears are properly cropped and properly healed KRW Danes will take responsibility for the actual cropping and 2 to 3 week aftercare prior to releasing the puppy to its new family. 

KRW Danes cannot guarantee that cropped ears will stand erect.  The ability of the ear to stand depends solely on the ability of the owner to follow through with taping and support procedures provided by the breeder.

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