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About Us

Welcome to KRW Danes.  My name is Kelly and I am dedicated to producing quality Blue, Black and Harlequin Great Danes. 

A “quality” Great Dane, in my opinion, is one that is healthy, both physically and mentally, structurally correct,  sound,  and possesses longevity.  I also believe that temperament is paramount and should be a primary focus of any breeding program.  I strive, with each breeding, to produce gentle and loving Great Danes.  All of my Danes are family members/pets first and foremost, so temperament and longevity are a priority.  My Danes do not live in kennels and are an active part of my home and family life.

KRW Danes are “naturally reared” which means that my dogs are cared for in a holistic manner using a balance of conventional veterinary medicine.  My personal Danes are Raw fed and I use alternative medicines and techniques to care for my animals.  I enlist the use of both Western and Chinese herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic care to help maintain and strengthen my Great Danes.  I do not require that families feed raw and highly recommend Innova Dog Food which can be found at www.naturapet.com.  Also realize that there are many great high end quality foods available today.

In 2007 I joined forces with my best friend and fellow Dane breeder Wendy Kellenberger of ABW Danes.  Both Wendy and I share a common belief system about Great Danes in general and more specifically about how Great Danes should be bred, raised and cared for.  Our combined experience brings strength to our breeding program.  KRW and ABW Danes breeds to the AKC standard.  We also believe that our Dane families deserve the very best which is a healthy, well-bred and well-adjusted family member.  We provide a life-time of support and education to our Dane families.

I urge you to do your research before purchasing a Great Dane.  Please realize that this is a very special breed of dog and is not for everyone.  We are available to answer any and all questions concerning this magnificent breed.  Remember that excellence is created through dedication and does not happen by accident. 

Both KRW and ABW Danes are proud members of the Great Dane Club of Mid-Florida.

Thank you for visiting KRW Danes.


Bishop & Kelly

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